Over the course of three days a band of rag-tag summer stock actors in a traveling Shakespeare company prepare to perform The Tragedy of Macbeth at the rustic Riverside Resort and Theater compound in the mountains of Western Massachusetts.

Leading the company is their patron, ALEX (Cary Elwes), an inept former soap star with deep pockets. Alex, of course, plays the lead role of Macbeth, much to the chagrin of THOMAS (Tom Riley), a disgraced former New York Theatre star. HENRY (Roger Bart), the director, struggles to keep the production on schedule while balancing the company’s delicate and eccentric personalities... especially the fading grande dame of the stage, MADELINE (Carol Kane).

When they arrive at the desolate theater, Thomas, a real talent, but famously difficult, and his lover, LIZ BETH (Shannyn Sossamon), who also happens to be Alex’s wife, mock and wantonly disregard the superstition of The Scottish Play. They unwittingly trigger its curse when they arrogantly shout the name “Macbeth” on stage.

In due course, two dotty French Canadian caretakers arrive, followed by a wandering, young Appalachian Trail hiker named JULIET (Danielle Campbell) whose seductive charm prompts the cast to invite her to play one of the witches in the production. Needless to say, things begin to go awry shortly thereafter.

During the following days and very stormy nights, the whole troupe experiences strange and frightening happenings as they desperately try to keep the show on track. As opening night unfolds the production goes madly off course; wildly haunted and whimsical twists on stage and in the wings leave the troupe overwhelmed and devastated. The terrifying sorcery of the ancient curse that has followed performances of Macbeth for centuries strikes yet again.